The UT wordmark is a uniquely styled typographic treatment of the University of Tennessee name. It is the primary means by which University of Tennessee entities are recognized. The wordmark is characterized by its typeface and space proportions. Do not change, redraw or alter the wordmark or its proportions.

The primary wordmark is the graphic foundation for all wordmarks. It’s the most immediate and most recognizable way for our audiences to know that the publication in their hands or on the website they are visiting has a relationship to UT. Consistent use of the icon and “The University of Tennessee” as appears within the wordmark strengthens the University of Tennessee System’s identity as a cohesive, yet multi-faceted institution.

The samples available for download below are the only approved visual representation of the University of Tennessee System. All files are high-res PNG files with transparent backgrounds. Please contact Communications and Marketing if your project requires another file type.

Primary Logo


UT System Primary


Download:  Color PNG »   Black & White »



Center Stack Logo


UT System Center Stack


Download:  Color PNG »   Black & White »