UT System Brand Guide

Our brand is our story—the embodiment of who we are, all we’ve accomplished and all we will accomplish. Telling our story successfully requires the consistent use of carefully chosen elements that—when woven together—achieve meaningful and recognizable impact. 

This brand guide is designed to help you tell your story. To help you tell our story. To help those we serve tell the University of Tennessee System story.  

UT logos

This distinctive logo has represented our University statewide since 1985.

Writing Guide

The words we use are foundational to our brand.

UT System Merchandise

Pick up some UT gear today to represent our brand.

Brand Strategy & Execution 

The UT System brand strategy incorporates the University’s mission and is informed by audience research and stakeholder collaboration.  

From colors to words and logos to photos—these elements work together to create a distinctive look, tone and experience that represent the University of Tennessee System.