Social Media Branding

Profile Naming 

Profile (or account) names should be preceded by the words “University of Tennessee System,” “UT System” or at a minimum, “UT.” Abbreviate as necessary based on length but for clarity, please include “University of Tennessee System” and the unit’s full name in the page’s bio/description. 

Profile Photos, Icons and Avatars 

Space is limited when it comes to social media profile photos, icons and avatars. Therefore, simplicity and legibility are key. The UT System Office of Communications and Marketing is available to create icons or profile photos for individual departments. Please contact Halley Kurtz at for assistance. We do not recommend that use your departmental logo as your social media icon. 

Photos and Videos 

If using your own photos or videos, please keep in mind that a release form may be required, especially if: 

  • students are the primary focus of a photo/video taken in a non-public space, are recognizable and have been recruited specifically to serve as subjects/models 
  • Subjects are under the age of 18 

Professionally produced photos and videos should be used when possible. A gallery of general-use photos is available that represents the University’s diverse faculty, staff and students; workspaces; areas of study and research; and statewide presence. 

Please contact Kasey Funderburg at or 865-974-9860 with questions about general-use photos, new photos/videos or release forms. 

UT Logos 

Incorporating UT logos, the UT icon or the “Everywhere You Look, UT” campaign logo into social content can be an effective way to expand our brand visibility. Logo files have been shared with each department, and guidelines for using them are available in the brand guide. Please contact Halley Kurtz at for assistance.