Division Logos

Division logos add additional tiers of hierarchy. Downloadable files are available for each division, department and office in the UT System. All logos incorporate the UT icon and follow a consistent, recognizable design that leverages and increases brand awareness.

Primary Logos

When communicating with audiences external to the University, please use your primary division, department or office logo to ensure institutional clarity. Another option is to simply use a UT System primary logo.  

Center stacked logo with division (preferred)
Align left logo with division (secondary choice)

Shortcut Logos

A set of shortcut logos are available for division, department and office use if:

  • the target audience is internal to the University, such as employees;
  • connection to the University is obvious, for example a primary logo is incorporated elsewhere in the collateral; or
  • when size, space or distance dictate.
UT Alumni and Development
Shortcut logo
UT Human Resources
Shortcut logo