Brand Governance

Our brand is constantly evolving. As we graduate more students, enter new fields of study and partner with Tennesseans in new ways—perception changes. Affinity grows. Awareness increases. And so do our opportunities for promoting the University. 

We’re constantly enhancing our brand’s presentation and alignment—in collaboration with our colleagues across the state—and offer several training opportunities throughout the year to keep you up to date. 

Annual Review 

Once a year, we take a step back. We review all communications and collaterals—print and digital—distributed by/on behalf of the UT System Administration to identify opportunities for enhancing alignment with and promotion of the UT System brand.  

You can help by letting us know if you see materials with outdated logos or taglines or that simply need a facelift.  

Graphic Identity Standards Committee 

Managing a brand as large and visible as that of the University of Tennessee is a team effort. The vice president of communications and marketing holds executive responsibility for the creation of and adherence to UT System brand standards and serves as chair of the brand standards committee.  

The purpose of the committee is to establish coordination of images, messages and materials that identify or represent the statewide University of Tennessee System.  

Committee members are appointed by the UT System vice president of communications and marketing, and membership includes design and marketing experts representing each UT campus, institute and entity. 

Current membership includes:  

  • UT System, Tiffany Carpenter (chair) 
  • UT System, Ellie Amador Dougherty
  • UT Knoxville, Patrick Wolf 
  • UT Chattanooga, Stephen Rumbaugh 
  • UT Martin, Beth Bodwell 
  • UT Health Science Center, Sally Badoud 
  • UT Institute of Agriculture, Jean Hulsey 
  • UT Institute for Public Service, Susan Robertson 
  • UT Foundation, Inc., Jackie Wise 
  • UT Research Foundation, Katie Jones 
  • Trademark Licensing, Mike Keener 

Committee responsibilities include:  

  • Setting brand standards that include, but are not limited to, University logos, letterhead, business cards, publications, signs, video productions, and websites;
  • Auditing and reviewing, which are necessary to maintain acceptable standards and to ensure graphic quality of communication projects that represent the University to its external audiences;  
  • Furnishing appeal opportunity to requirements or decisions made by the committee;  
  • Establishing, updating and enforcing the University’s brand standards; and  
  • Requesting, when necessary, that proofs be submitted to the Committee prior to production or distribution. 

Training and Onboarding 

We hold annual meetings with UT System Administration offices to review the work we’ve done together and plan for upcoming projects. These meetings provide a great opportunity to share brand updates and resources. 

As new team members come on board, let us know! We’re happy to offer guidance on everything from using our logos and PowerPoint templates to ways you can tie into our “Everywhere You Look, UT” marketing campaign. 

To schedule a training, contact the member of our team assigned to your office.