Custom Logo Process

Custom logos are often created for large-scale initiatives or events. All custom logos must be created or approved by UT System Communications and Marketing.   

U T Promise
UT Advocacy

The design process for a logo or mark cannot begin without essential information that will define the final product. Recognizing that research, custom typography and possibly illustrations are part of the build — timing for custom logos should be extended to approximately ten working days. 

Note: A logo created for any entity of the UT System will always contain the UT icon and/or icon with wordmark.

In addition to providing contact, account number and requested deadline information, UT System Communications and Marketing will ask the following questions: 

  1. Summarize:  Define the project and why a custom logo is needed.
    • What elements are required? (i.e., colors, words, date, slogan, visuals)
    • If available, provide examples of logos that reflect preferred style or elements.
  1. Define the objective and audience: Describe the service and primary audience that this custom logo will represent. 
  1. The medium: How will the logo be used? (i.e, web, print, promotional items, embroidery, etc.) 
    • Are there deliverables that Communications and Marketing will be producing once the logo is approved for use? 

A project manager will review and assign the project and it will be placed into our queue for design. Within five to seven working days, a first draft for review will be delivered via PDF. Three rounds of revisions will be provided and final files will be submitted after approval.  

If additional assistance is needed, please reach out to Communications and Marketing.