At the heart of the University of Tennessee graphic identity is the UT icon, the one graphical element that symbolizes membership in the UT family.

The U T icon was established in 1986. It is a stylized treatment of the letters “U” and “T,” incorporating the shape of the state of Tennessee. It is the only approved icon for the UT System.


The UT icon should appear no smaller than one-quarter of an inch wide. It should be surrounded on all sides by an amount of open space equal to half its width. It may stand alone or be combined with the approved wordmark in the manner described here. No other combinations are permitted.

The icon should be rendered only in one of these color options:

  • UT Orange (PMS 151)
  • Solid black (for black-and-white print materials)
  • Solid white (when icon needs to be reversed on a dark background)

No other colors are permitted. Click here for information on using campus specific background colors.

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Orange UT icon


Black UT icon


White UT icon