The University of Tennessee has four campuses, two statewide institutes, a presence in all 95 counties, and an essential role deep in the fabric of our state.

A consistent, unified brand is vital in raising the profile of the University of Tennessee’s statewide mission. This Brand Standards Guide has been created to provide direction in implementing a consistent visual and written representation throughout all university entities. The goal is to achieve a framework of graphic elements, photography guidelines and language that clearly identifies each campus and institute as a part of the UT family. This strengthens our visibility, our presence and our message with all constituents.

While the most visible representation of the UT System is the UT icon, the needs of each entity within UT are unique. These standards are intended to create visual messages that are cohesive and in keeping with the University’s overall identity, while allowing for individual distinction.

Our brand identity is a highly valuable asset. Your support and cooperation in its promotion and protection are appreciated.

All the best,