The UT icon, wordmark, logo, seal and official sports-related logos are the only graphics approved to represent the University. In rare and special circumstances, secondary marks are allowed.

To strengthen the University’s visual identity, a central aspect of our brand, the creation of additional logos is restricted. Some secondary logos exist, and in rare instances, secondary logos are allowable. Secondary logos should be subordinate to the University mark.

All logos and guidelines for their usage must either be created by or approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing before implementation. All requests from System entities to produce a logo must go through the Graphic Standards Committee.

Secondary marks should be subordinate to the official marks (icon and wordmark). They should never stand alone or apart from an official mark. It is not permissible for a secondary mark to be placed above an official mark, nor for it to appear larger than an official mark.

The secondary wordmark should be subordinate to the primary wordmark. It is less formal and used in applications in which the relationship to the University and its full name are obvious or understood.

Suggested Usage

Embroidered apparel and marketing collateral such as ink pens, mouse pads and coffee mugs.

A few previously approved secondary marks are presented here. These and others are available for download.

Secondary Logo Examples

UT System horizontal shortcut logo